SONIA EBIOLE is one of the most talented dancer, choreographer and artistic director In Spain.
Born in Guinea Ecuatorial (Africa) and raised in Spain, Sonia began her career at the young age of 7 working in the circus “Los muchachos” located in Galicia,north of Spain,until the age of 17 where her performances gathered aerial and ground acrobatics,unicycle, contortion, elastic carpet, trapeze, loose rope and Olympics.

Through this concerted work she had the opportunity to visit different countries such as Italy,holland, Venezuela,Colombia,Japan and United States which allowed her to adapt herself to a several expierences and enriching circumstances.
Meanwhile she was working at the circus she started feeling her true passion,become a professional dancer.
All these expierences made her an extrovert,responsable and constant person,available to assume genuine challenges and newcomers.
Sonia’s experience and knowledge is due to her travelling to Italy,United Kingdom,USA and Spain to work or either to attend workshops of the bests dancers in the world in order to improve her skills in jazz,modern,contemporary ,hip-hop,claqué,Spanish dance and breakdance.
Soon enough she began to form her own students and develop her own personality as a choreographer, she turned teaching and dancing in a way of life.
Sonia ebiole has spent all her carrer showing and teaching the world her uniques dance steps at any workshop and class she has given to her students.


She is now the exclusive “oceanbeach club ibiza” choreographer and spotted for several advertisements
Desigual, Sephora, Movistar, Sony, Nescafe, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Soñar Kids, Synergy, Phillips, Fórmula 1


She has partecipated as a dancer and choreographer in important concerts throughout the years with artists such as Abraham Mateo , Mala Rodriguez , Cristina Aguilera ( MTV Awards
Barcelona ), Eminen ( MTV Awards Barcelona ) , Gossos & Macaco , Raghav ( Londres ), Julian ( Francia ), Oceana , DASOUL , DJ Slimmer , CHARLY Rodriguez, TONY Santos ( operación triunfo), ANIA , Jesé Rodríguez , Lengua Secreta , DJ Wally López , DJ Luciano , Anne & Louvega.

She was also the choreographer for the Spanish Basket selection 2018.


She has taken part in very pivotal television programs in Spain, like Top Dance, FAMA and The Voice ( Spain ).


In 2014 he created his own dinner-show for a Night Club LIDO in Salou / Barcelona called DREAM ON CABARET. He has also worked as a choreographer in other dinner-shows and events like:
– “CIRCU SOLEIL” ( Dinner Show – Ibiza ) like a Dancer 2016 and 2017).
show created in the 20’s and the time of dry law.
– EXCLUSIVE SHOW & PRÍVATE FOR “COTTY ” in Barcelona 2016. As Artistic Director & Choreographer
organized by Specia Eventos .
– “MONSTE HIGH MUSICAL ” ( Show – Italia ), as Singer And Dancer . It was a show created in
Mirabilandia Theme Park.
– “DREAM ON ” (Dinner Show – Salou / Barcelona), as the Dancer and Choreographer. It was a
completely Acrobático and sensual dance show.
– THEATRE MUSICAL for a Movie Park Germany ,( 2014, 2015), as the Director & Choreographer.
– EVENT FASHION SHOW “080 Desigual SPRINT/ SUMMER ” (Barcelona – 2013 – 2014 – ), as
the Artistic Co-Director & Choreographer.
– DANCETOUR with POWERADE- AQUAPLUS COCA-COLA( Choreographer and Teacher – all
Spain )
– EVENT FASHION SHOW “AFRICAN FASHION WEEK ” (Barcelona – 2016 – 2017 – ), as the
Artistic Co-Director & Choreographer.

Feel , Vibe and enjoy giving a better taste to yogur Events with Sonia Ebiole.